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TikTok is a popular social media platform that provides short and engaging videos for over one billion monthly active users. Moreover, if you are a millennial, then TikTok becomes the right place for entertainment and also provides a way to earn TikTok coins free for your account. But how to get TikTok coins? Below are the tips and tricks to gain free TikTok coins for your account.

What Are TikTok Coins?

TikTok coins are the in-app currency that you get on TikTok. People pay real money as TikTok coins, and you can use it to buy virtual gifts. Meanwhile, one can send TikTok gifts to another account by appreciating their content or returning them a favor. 

Earning TikTok coins is like the concept of ‘twitch tipping’ where you can offer a tip to the TikTok users for appreciating their content or gestures. It makes a change in yourself and makes you feel good. There is an option to convert the TikTok coins to actual cash if required. Prepare engaging and exciting TikTok content to grab more audiences and make money on TikTok. Therefore, TikTok coins allow you to monetize to a certain extent.

How To Buy TikTok Coins?

Are you eager to know the ways to buy TikTok coins for your account? It is simple! Get on to the guide to learn how to get TikTok coins.

One can get TikTok coins only if you are within the application. The value of TikTok coins may vary in proportion to the exchange rate. Approximately getting 100 coins on TikTok will cost $1. A TikTok user has a limit of about 10,000 coins to get at a time. Buying bulk TikTok coins costs $66.99 for 5000 TikTok coins and $129.99 for 7000 TikTok coins. Here are the eight simple steps to get TikTok coins:

  • Open up your TikTok application on any device and move to the lower menu. Tap on ‘me’ which is to view your profile.
  • Find the ellipsis available at the top-most right corner of your profile and click it out.
  • Once tapping on it, choose the balance option, where you will find the recharge option.
  • On the recharge menu, there will be multiple prices available. Choose the best one according to your convenience.
  • During payment, there are a couple of payment options available. One is to choose Google pay or Apple pay if you have an account, else use your credit card to make a payment.
  • Now, check the TikTok coin balance and get ready to roll out with TikTok gifts.

How To Get TikTok Coins Free?

Though you can buy TikTok coins, there is a smart way to earn TikTok coins for free simply by watching more videos and following potential users to get some coins as gifts. Creating engaging and unique content is what you should do to increase and retain followers for your TikTok profile and make a greater chance to gain free TikTok coins. To make it simple, there are a few applications that help to get TikTok coins for free.

TikTok Coin Adder

Before getting into the application benefits, turn on your WiFi network or the cellular data and disable your low power mode by allowing automatic downloads.

Now, be ready to add free TikTok coins to your account. 

  • Sign up for the TikTok adder application by browsing the https://addcoin.cc/.
  • Enter your TikTok name and click proceed.
  • It just takes a few seconds to load your TikTok account.
  • Once done, there will be an option to choose the required amount of coins. Select the one that has maximum options.
  • Then click to add coins and provide some time to sync with your TikTok account.
  • After proceeding, you will be directed to download the apps from a few options. Choose according to your requirement.
  • Create the username and get started with the downloaded apps. 

As a result, you will find an increase in raising TikTok coins on your account.


  • Start to use the Apkoz by downloading the application on your device.
  • A search box pops after the download, and select TikTok coins to start with the work.
  • Once selecting TikTok coins, you can enjoy them by getting free TikTok coins.
  • Then, you will be asked to download two applications for which the process remains the same as mentioned above.
  • While spinning, TikTok coins automatically accumulate on your TikTok account and enjoy them.

Is It Really Safe To Get TikTok Coins For Free?

A recent report shows that plenty of websites get thousands of free TikTok coins from the above apps. But are those TikTok coins safe and trustworthy for your account? Well, the truth is that some may be spam, and it becomes easy to take out your personal information by hacking your TikTok account. There are many chances to get your card details. So, there are both pros and cons to getting free TikTok coins for your account.

How To Hack TikTok Coins?

Though there are no surefire ways to hack TikTok coins from other accounts, multiple apps are available for free. Download the suggested apps, sign in to complete the surveys, and download TikTok videos.

Since hacking is an unofficial activity, we do not encourage it. Now, we will concentrate on how to get TikTok coins for free. 

How To Use TikTok Coins?

The TikTok coins on your account are 100% yours. But, here are the things to concentrate on while using TikTok coins. Before using, remember the TikTok coins bought are non-refundable, and there are certain limitations to using those coins. So, before purchasing TikTok coins, go through the terms & conditions and then store them in your TikTok wallet.

Moreover, TikTok coins are a great way to appreciate the performance of potential followers. The TikTok users above the age of 18 years are only capable of offering TikTok coins to other users. 

The gifts purchased from TikTok coins vary in price. After each purchase, the coins will be deducted automatically. If required, you can convert the gifts into cash according to your usage. TikTok coins initiate more people to be active, which provides recognition for their effort.


TikTok is an engaging application with more exciting and active content, which brings huge popularity. Different features benefit each user, and one among them is TikTok coins. Maintain a good relationship and create attractive content to get TikTok coins from your potential followers. Use the powerful tips to increase TikTok coins and earn money by leading a successful strategy.

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